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Pankhudi Aloe vera Powder 100% Natural Aloe vera Leaf Powder – 100 gm


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  • Brand : Pankhudi
  • Ingredients : Aloe vera Leaf
  • Pankhudi Aloe Vera Leaf Powder is 100% pure, contains no chemicals and pesticides that help exfoliate and restore the skin.
  • It has antimicrobial properties, making it ideal for fighting pimples and pimples. It is a great naturally occurring antioxidant that reverses the oxidative damage experienced by the skin. This will reduce lethargy and give your skin a natural glow.
  • For all women with dry, dry skin, here is your solution to get rid of this type of skin. The goodness of a natural aloe vera plant, with its juicy and luxurious benefits, offers plenty of benefits that include skin rejuvenation and full hydration. It helps to keep your skin moisturized and refreshed by opening closed pores.
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The Pankhudi aloe vera leaf powder is a 100% pure triple sifted micro fine powder. It is used to nourish both hair and skin. Aloe vera leaf powder works very well on the skin. It can deeply cleanse the skin and help to remove blemishes, blemishes, stubborn marks and black spots.This powder is made from the crushed leaves of aloe vera. The versatile nature and beneficial properties of the plant make it a valuable addition for cosmetic and hair care applications. Aloe vera powder can help improve hair health by cleansing scalp. It provides many important vitamins and minerals to the hair. It also contains proteolytic enzymes that are known to regenerate dead skin cells on the scalp. Aloe vera leaf powder has anti-inflammatory properties. The combination of various vitamins and minerals in the powder can soothe the skin and protect it from inflammation. Applying aloe vera regularly on the face can help reduce redness.


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