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Pankhudi Shikakai Powder 100% Pure & Natural for skin and hair care – 100gm


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  • Brand : Pankhudi
  • Ingredients : 100 % natural Shikakai Powder
  • Can be used with water, heena or yogurt and lemon juice.
  • Rich in vitamins A and C. Natural Shikakai acts as a conditioner and separates curly hair.
  • Regular use of Shikakai Organic Powder helps reduce dandruff and maintains the pH balance of the scalp.
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Pankhudi Shikakai powder is a fully organic triple sifted microfine powder that addresses hair and scalp issues with its nutritional properties. Shikakai powder for hair growth retains natural hair oils, controls dandruff and strengthens hair roots, keeps them shiny and healthy. This is a great hair cleanser and conditioner. In fact, this magical herb has proven to be effective for hair conditioning and gives it intense shine. It works as a natural Shikakai cleanser for scalp, maintaining a natural complexion presenting soft shiny bouncy hair.


DIRECTION FOR USE: Hair Cleansing Mask Add 2 tablespoons shikakai powder, 2 tablespoons reetha powder and 1 table spoon amla powder, 10 drops neem oil, 5 drops olive oil and 4 tablespoons water, store it in a glass jar and shake well before use. . Apply the paste to your hair for 20 minutes Wash it under running water. Apply a mild shampoo and wash your hair. Then, dry your hair gently.


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